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About us


Our church isn't just a name it is who we are.  And no we aren't Arago, but we are COMMUNITY and we are a CHURCH.  Specifically we are a community of folks from varying walks of life, from business professionals to day laborers, from Senior Citizens to babies, from good homes and from broken homes.  Really it is a miracle that we all get along at all, and that in itself speaks to the One that brings us together united as a family, unified in community -- Jesus Christ!  

Each Sunday we meet together to learn more about Jesus Christ, to pray with and for one another, and to support one another both spiritually and physically.  Our pastor takes God's word and covers one book at a time (not all in one Sunday though ).  From Genesis to Revelation, God has inspired folks He chose to record His direct revelation to us.  We believe the Bible is inerrant, final and complete.  We believe that the Bible's teachings are as authoritative and applicable to us today as they were when originally written.   

We begin our Sunday Morning service with our worship team playing music varying from contemporary to traditional.  You will find a few folks in traditional Sunday Morning attire, and others in blue jeans that they wore earlier mucking out stalls, all joining in the music.  The Pastor's message covers grammatical, historical and contextual truths found in the Scriptural passages covered and attempts to bring out application in our lives today.  We encourage you to come check out our community today.  Who knows ?  You might find a new family, and we will welcome you in the love of Jesus.

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