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From Left to Right: Megan, Noble, Phinehas, Casper & Elinore

Pastor Noble Weeks & Wife Megan

Pastor Noble and Megan have been married since 2000. They both graduated from San Diego State University and moved to Northern California where Noble continued a career in law enforcement where they began a new chapter as parents of Casper, Elinore, and Phinehas.  In the midst of a rewarding career and great community, both Noble and Megan felt a strong sense that God was calling them into full-time ministry.  Noble graduated from seminary in May of 2013 and began serving as an Associate Pastor.  May of 2015, Pastor Noble transitioned out of law enforcement and began serving full time as a Senior Pastor.  Pastor Noble, Megan, their three kids and their dog have been serving Arago Community Church since August of 2018. As a family, the Weeks love to camp, hike, build, garden and generally be outside enjoying God’s creation with friends and family.

-Click on the video below to hear their story-

Youth Director-
Axel Wright and wife Ariel
Axel & his wife Ariel have 4 children and have lived in Oregon for the past five years. He has recently made the decision to pursue full-time ministry. He is currently attending Moody Bible Institute to complete his Masters degree and is working as the Youth Director at ACC.



Elder - Gary Lillie and wife Brenda

Gary grew up in Arago, just outside of Myrtle Point, married Brenda and
they raised their 6 children here.  He is a retired power company lineman
who enjoys his 15 grandchildren.  He became a Christian in 1976 and
started attending ACC.  He has served on the board off and on for over
40 years.  One of his favorite verses is Ecclesiastes 12:13 that sums up
man's duty to his Creator.


Deacon Board Chairman - 
Eric Wiley and wife Rhonda

Eric grew up in Broadbent, just outside of Myrtle Point.  He and wife
Rhonda run a ranch.  He like
s to say he raises kids, cattle and hay.  He
accepted Christ as his Savior when he was 12 years old.  He started
attending Arago Church about 2009 and has served on the board about
10 years.  When asked about a hobby he quickly replied "spending time
with my grandchildren". 


Deacon Board Member-
Bill Hales and wife Glenda

Bill attended school in Coquille and has been married to his high school
sweetheart, Glenda, for 49 years. 
Bill bowed his head and admitted his
need for a Savior at ACC in 1980.  He worked as a land surveyor while they
raised their two sons.  He has ministered on the board off and on for
about 20 years.  He enjoys walking his dog and helping people.


Deacon Board Member
Josh Holeman and wife Katie

Josh and Katie were married in 2009 and they have 3 children.  He works as a landscaper and tree trimmer, but what he really enjoys is spending time in the woods hunting and fishing.  He became a believer at the young age of 5.  He has been attending ACC for 25 years and has served on the board for 2 years.  He likes Philippians 4:13 because it reminds him to rely on Jesus for his strength. 


Deacon Board Member
Pat Palmer and wife Ruthann

Pat started his walk with Jesus at 19 years of age.  Since then he and his wife of 61 years, Ruthann, have raised 4 children and are currently enjoying 24 grandchildren and several great grands. Pat was a school teacher before retiring to enjoy hunting and fishing.  His favorite Bible character is Thomas as mentioned in the book of John.  He began attending ACC in 1973 and has served on the board for over 40 years. 

Deacon Board Member
Caleb Krantz and wife Kim

Caleb is a 6th generation Myrtle Point native. After being away about 10 years, he and his wife Kim and 3 children, moved back.  They thoroughly enjoy adventuring and seeing what God has made in this world.  When Caleb is not trading stocks you can find him studying his Contender's Discipleship Initiative program through Village Missions. He is not sure yet where that will lead him but he has faith God does.  It's hard for Caleb to nail down a favorite verse because as he grows, different parts of the Bible peak his interest.  He loves the Arago Community and is very honored to be able to serve there.

Deacon Board Member
Daniel Byers and wife Tammy

Daniel was born in Gold Beach, Oregon and life has taken him all around the State of Oregon.  He and wife Tammy were married in 2011 and later moved to Coquille with their three children.  Daniel's grandmother and Arago church member, Eunice Byers, introduced the family to ACC.  Since then, the family has committed to ACC as their home church and enjoy serving. The family enjoys fishing, sports, and just spending time together. 

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